Bluebook 60 - Fastpitch Softball Rules - 2017: The Ultimate Guide to (NCAA - NFHS - USA Softball / ASA - USSSA) Fast Pitch Softball Rules

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      Blue Book 60 provides the ultimate teaching and reference tool for Umpires, Coaches, and Players that need to understand the nuances of fast pitch softball rules. This 100+ page guide covers complete references with detailed explanations of NCAA (collegiate), NFHS (high school), USA Softball (formerly ASA) and USSSA travel team softball rules. Blue Book 60 is the top rated fast pitch rules guide in publication for 9 seasons now in the US and Canada. If you're a COACH: This guide explains fastpitch rules in an easy to consume format for any level. If you're an ATHLETE: Learn the rules to get an edge on the competition, very easily using the Blue Book 60. If you're a PARENT: Learn the rules before to be a better educated fan and support your teams. If you're an UMPIRE: This guide is a must read, especially if you work multiple levels and need to remember different codes. Additionally the appendix contains several nice umpire tools to help you have better pregame discussions with your partners. 100% of all proceeds go directly toward educating coaches and umpires and also provide officiating scholarships through the non-profit "Zebra Foundation". ( Additions and updates can be found at For more officiating resources (basketball and softball) visit "60 Seconds on Officiating" at and

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