Backyard Chickens: The Essential Backyard Chickens Guide for Beginners: Choosing the Right Breed, Raising Chickens, Feeding, Care, and Troubleshooting

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Start Raising Your Own Flock of Chickens with This Essential Guide!
Everything You Need to Get Started!

Includes Bonus Chicken Coop Building Guide!

Raising and breeding chickens is an incredibly rewarding hobby and all you need is the right guidance to get you started - this is exactly what this essential guide provides.

You will learn how to choose the right breed, the things you need to consider before committing to keeping backyard chickens, how to purchase and raise baby chicks, how to purchase and start with adult birds, and everything you need to consider when selecting or designing your chicken coop.

By the end of this guide you will know how to:
- Purchase your birds, what to look for when purchasing your birds, how many to purchase and what gender.
- Raise chickens in any backyard.
- House your chickens.
- Feed and care for your flock.
- Raise baby chicks.
- Prevent and control pests.
- Protect your flock from predators.
- Prevent and deal with internal and external parasites.
- And much more!
This guide includes photos with clear explanations to further your understanding.

Not only will you be introduced to the essentials of raising chickens, but you will also learn about the challenges that many initially face, and how to overcome them.

Buy This Essential Guide Now and Kickstart Your Chicken Raising Journey!

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