Auto Claims without Attorneys: A Guide to Settlement

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      Injuries from many auto accident claims are not serious enough to be of interest to attorneys who customarily represent clients on a contingent fee basis. Minor injuries result in modest settlements and even more modest contingent fees. Those with less serious injuries are left to go it alone with the claims adjuster. As a result, claims are settled for a fraction of what theyu2019re worth. This book provides an easy step-by-step approach to negotiate and settle a personal injury claim without the cost of an attorney. It includes appendices with sample letters and other very helpful materials. Drawing from Doug Fitzpatrick's years of experience as an instructor, private investigator, and attorney, the road map in this book will shed light on what needs to be done to get reasonably compensated by the insurance company without an attorney as well as the costs associated with legal representation. It is for the routine auto claim in which injuries are minor or modest, but restitution is nonetheless due and owing.

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