Anthony Perkins: Split Image (Advocate Life Stories)

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Paramount groomed him to replace the late James Dean and become Hollywoodu2019s hottest heartthrob. But his landmark performance as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcocku2019s Psycho killed thatu2014and spawned an image of Anthony Perkins that eerily paralleled his conflicted, fractured off-screen life.

Anthony Perkins: Split Image insightfully and comprehensively documents the life of this great actor, who was forced to act the part of ladiesu2019 man while privately struggling with his own homosexuality, and chronicles his complicated search for acceptance.

Newly revised and updated for this tenth anniversary edition, Anthony Perkins: Split Image is both a harrowing look at life in the Hollywood closet and a poignant human drama that will change your vision of Anthony Perkins forever.

u201CRiveting...With his laser-beam of an eye, Winecoff lights up the hidden corners of Hollywoodu2019s golden age, as well as a dark age of homosexuality that needs to be understood by anyone who didnu2019t live through it.u2026Itu2019s a page-turner.u201D u2014James Gavin, author of Deep in a Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker

u201CCharles Winecoff is a clever biographer. With his inside, creepy examination of Anthony Perkins, I was mesmerized by a dude I never thought Iu2019d be able to stomach for more than a paragraph. Well done.u201D u2014E!u2019s Ted Casablanca

"Anthony Perkins: Split Image is one of the deepest, darkest Hollywood stories ever told.u201D u2014Robert Hofler, author of The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson

u201CTold with empathy and a sagacious eye for detail, Winecoffu2019s lively chronicle of one of the screenu2019s more formidable, if underrated, leading men perhaps should have been called Brokeback Hollywood Hills.u201Du2014Stephen M. Silverman, author of David Lean and Dancing on the Ceiling: Stanley Donen and His Movies

u201CAn important chronicle of a time when gay was still the ultimate taboo, one that Hollywood had especially little use for as it aggressively sold illusion and lies.u201Du2014Michael Musto, from his Foreword

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