Afghanistan 1:1,000,000 Travel Map (International Travel Maps)

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      Double sided map, scale 1:1,000,000, with inset street maps of central Kabul and Kandahar. Includes a comprehensive place name index. It is a bit difficult to credit Afghanistan having touristic potential at the moment, but it is an extremely important country right now, and that justifies a very good map of the country. This is our third edition of this country and each one keeps getting better. We can t justify sending a researcher into a combat zone to gather data, but we are thankful to those aid workers and soldiers who have added to our information base and helped make this map more useful. In this edition, we are showing some new roads, reflecting the reality that the country is succeeding in improving its infrastructure in spite of a very tense political situation. We have also placed more focus on the borderlands with Pakistan as that country has been immersed in the Afghan conflict. This edition is dedicated to the Canadian forces, both military, police, and civilian, who are trying so hard to bring peace and stability to southern Afghanistan and who have suffered more than 100 casualties to date. This is not to minimize the enormous contributions being made by many tens of thousands of men and women of other nations, or their equally heavy losses, but as a Canadian, I feel closer to our own. The map also shows a good inset map of Kabul and a recent cover picture taken by one of our helpers.

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