Adult Coloring Book: Whimsical Patterns: Farmers Market (Volume 3)

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      Whimsical and charming, escape into the farmers market as you discover exotic herbs and spices, antiques, tasty treats, tea and coffee, flowers, carpets, beans, jam, succulent fruits, meats, cheese, fresh veges, handmade soaps, chocolate, rare books, breads, nuts, and handcrafted brews. These imaginative and playful designs encourage self-expression and will inspire colorists to create their own special creations to make each picture uniquely their own. Illustrations are printed on one side for easy removal and display. These whimsical images offer an easy way to relax, reduce stress, and engage in the meditative and fun-filled activity of coloring. This therapeutic coloring book offers 30 delightful hand-drawn images for you to color. This coloring book for grownups can be colored with pens, pencils, markers, or crayons. Join adults all around the world and escape into the joyous world of coloring. The variety of images will engage every skill level. Happy coloring!

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