A Comprehensive Guide to Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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The most complete book available on children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, this core textbook is perfect for any course focused on disabilities. No other text on this subject is all of these things at once:

  • broad and deep, with thorough, up-to-date information on intervention, education, family roles, health issues, specific disabilities such as Down syndrome and autism, and much more

  • lifespan-focused, with topics ranging from genetics and development to aging issues

  • immediately applicable, presenting not just the facts but also practical, real-world advice on working with people with disabilities and meeting their individual needs

  • multidisciplinary, blending the research and personal experiences of more than 70 world-renowned authors from diverse fields

Learning objectives, instructive case stories, stimulating questions for reflection, and key Internet resources help make this a user-friendly textbook u2014 one that students will refer to for years to come. With this thorough compendium of information, insights, and answers, future educators, social workers, researchers, and clinicians will know what to do and how to do it once they start their work with people with disabilities.

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