Thorlo Men's Tennis Mini Crew Sock Level 1, White,Size 10.5-11.5

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  • 71% Coolmax, 27% nylon, 2% spandex
  • Lightweight but dense terry padding is added to ball and heel for added protection
  • Size 10 fits shoe 6-8; size 11 fits 8.5-10; size 12 fits 10.5-11.5; size 14 fits 12-14
  • Coolmax with stretch nylon runs throughout the sock to provide superior wicking while offering the most padded protection in a lightweight construction
  • Wash and dry inside out (to fluff up the pads) using liquid fabric softener after each use (to lubricate the fibers for longer life). Liquid fabric softeners critical to receive full benefit of the product design
  • ASIN: B0009MZWPM

Product Description

      Feet feel better in Thorlos Men's / Women's Thin Cushion Tennis Quarter Socks ?xC7xF6 cushioning right where you need it You can get plenty of protection in a thin, quarter sock, thanks to Thorlos. Thin cushioning protects offers protection from impact and pressure under the heel and ball of foot, while thinner cushioning in the arch adds support and enhances the fit of the sock. Plus, additional thin cushioning over the toes protects against sudden starts and stops, making this sock a great choice for activities like tennis.

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