Eurosocks Women's Snowdrop Medium Weight Over the Calf Socks

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Price as of 12/31/69

  • MicroSupreme provides superior wicking and self-drying capabilities that keep feet warm and dry, is extremely soft and comfortable against the skin
  • Specifically designed for a woman's foot with patented petal padding on the shin, fore foot and heel helps to eliminate chafing and absorbs shock
  • Over the calf ski socks stimulate better blood flow to your feet to help reduce injuries, lightly padded at the stress points to promote comfort and support from the rigidity of ski and board boots
  • Eurosocks, advanced technology exclusive material and superior craftsmanship weaved together to create the highest quality of ski socks you will ever wear
  • ASIN: B000BPD8Y4
  • CatalogNumberList:
    • CatalogNumberListElement: 0712W
  • Department: Department
  • ItemDimensions:
    • Height: 200
    • Length: 1100
    • Weight: 32
    • Width: 500
  • ListPrice:
    • Amount: 1900
    • CurrencyCode: USD
    • FormattedPrice: $19.00
  • PackageDimensions:
    • Height: 150
    • Length: 1100
    • Weight: 32
    • Width: 400